Safety Side Up is a proud Authorized Provider of American Heart Association and EMS Safety's CPR/First Aid/AED programs and certifications. In addition, we also provide youth safety courses such as Babysitter Training and At Home Alone.

Courses are presented by instructors with nearly 20 years of experience and a reputation for making a serious and intense subject, easily understandable by breaking information down into terms anyone can understand, as well as providing relaxing and fun presentation.

Our class locations:

+ Rose City Book Pub
+ The Montessori House

Classes held almost daily.

+ Come to us!
+ Or we’ll come to you!


Our Classes

  • American Heart Association Courses

  • BLS Provider (Healthcare Providers)

  • Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED

  • Heartsaver Peds First Aid CPR AED

  • BLS Provider Skills Sessions

  • Heartsaver Skills Sessions

  • Family & Friends CPR

  • EMS Safety Courses

  • CPR, AED & First Aid

  • Babysitter Training

  • Babysitter CPR/First Aid

  • At Home Alone Safety

  • Come to us or we’ll come to you